Commit b1309a23 authored by Heiko Schocher's avatar Heiko Schocher Committed by Tom Rini

test/py: only check for SPL signature if SPL uses serial output

check for U-Boot SPL signature only if SPL really has a serial output.
So check if CONFIG_SPL_SERIAL_SUPPORT is active in board config.
Signed-off-by: default avatarHeiko Schocher <>
Tested-by: default avatarStephen Warren <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarStephen Warren <>
parent ed48899c
......@@ -303,8 +303,13 @@ class ConsoleBase(object):
if not self.config.gdbserver:
self.p.timeout = 30000
self.p.logfile_read = self.logstream
if self.config.buildconfig.get('config_spl', False) == 'y':
m = self.p.expect([pattern_u_boot_spl_signon] + self.bad_patterns)
bcfg = self.config.buildconfig
config_spl = bcfg.get('config_spl', 'n') == 'y'
config_spl_serial_support = bcfg.get('config_spl_serial_support',
'n') == 'y'
if config_spl and config_spl_serial_support:
m = self.p.expect([pattern_u_boot_spl_signon] +
if m != 0:
raise Exception('Bad pattern found on console: ' +
self.bad_pattern_ids[m - 1])
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