Commit b5b004ad authored by Tomasz Figa's avatar Tomasz Figa Committed by Wolfgang Denk

jffs2: Fix zero sector_size when not using CONFIG_JFFS2_CMDLINE

This patch fixes a bug (?) introduced after inclusion of the new
JFFS2 code.

When not using CONFIG_JFFS2_CMDLINE, the code in cmd_jffs2.c doesn't
fill in part->sector_size (keeping it as 0), but a correct value is
needed by the code in jffs2_1pass.c. This causes all JFFS2 accesses
to be in the same place of the memory, what obviously means
impossibility to use the JFFS2 partition.

This problem is fixed in this patch by including sector size
calculation in non-CONFIG_JFFS2_CMDLINE mtdparts_init variant.

Signed-off-by: Tomasz Figa <>
parent ba69dc26
......@@ -1777,6 +1777,96 @@ int mtdparts_init(void)
* a single device configuration.
* Calculate sector size.
* @return sector size
static inline u32 get_part_sector_size_nand(struct mtdids *id)
#if defined(CONFIG_JFFS2_NAND) && defined(CONFIG_CMD_NAND)
extern struct nand_chip nand_dev_desc[CONFIG_SYS_MAX_NAND_DEVICE];
return nand_dev_desc[id->num].erasesize;
nand_info_t *nand;
nand = &nand_info[id->num];
return nand->erasesize;
return 0;
static inline u32 get_part_sector_size_nor(struct mtdids *id, struct part_info *part)
#if defined(CONFIG_CMD_FLASH)
extern flash_info_t flash_info[];
u32 end_phys, start_phys, sector_size = 0, size = 0;
int i;
flash_info_t *flash;
flash = &flash_info[id->num];
start_phys = flash->start[0] + part->offset;
end_phys = start_phys + part->size;
for (i = 0; i < flash->sector_count; i++) {
if (flash->start[i] >= end_phys)
if (flash->start[i] >= start_phys) {
if (i == flash->sector_count - 1) {
size = flash->start[0] + flash->size - flash->start[i];
} else {
size = flash->start[i+1] - flash->start[i];
if (sector_size < size)
sector_size = size;
return sector_size;
return 0;
static inline u32 get_part_sector_size_onenand(void)
struct mtd_info *mtd;
mtd = &onenand_mtd;
return mtd->erasesize;
return 0;
static inline u32 get_part_sector_size(struct mtdids *id, struct part_info *part)
if (id->type == MTD_DEV_TYPE_NAND)
return get_part_sector_size_nand(id);
else if (id->type == MTD_DEV_TYPE_NOR)
return get_part_sector_size_nor(id, part);
else if (id->type == MTD_DEV_TYPE_ONENAND)
return get_part_sector_size_onenand();
DEBUGF("Error: Unknown device type.\n");
return 0;
* Parse and initialize global mtdids mapping and create global
* device/partition list.
......@@ -1846,6 +1936,8 @@ int mtdparts_init(void)
part->offset = 0x00000000;
part->sector_size = get_part_sector_size(id, part);
part->dev = current_dev;
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