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ARM: keystone2: Update README

Update README to include uart boot mode support and makefile
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......@@ -56,10 +56,11 @@ configs/k2l_evm_defconfig
Supported boot modes:
- SPI NOR boot
- UART boot
Supported image formats:
- u-boot.bin: for loading and running u-boot.bin through Texas instruments
code composure studio (CCS)
code composure studio (CCS) and for UART boot.
- u-boot-spi.gph: gpimage for programming SPI NOR flash for SPI NOR boot
- MLO: gpimage for programming AEMIF NAND flash for NAND boot
......@@ -68,17 +69,9 @@ Build instructions:
Examples for k2hk, for k2e and k2l just replace k2hk prefix accordingly.
Don't forget to add ARCH=arm and CROSS_COMPILE.
To build u-boot.bin
To build u-boot.bin, u-boot-spi.gph, MLO:
>make k2hk_evm_defconfig
>make u-boot.bin
To build u-boot-spi.gph
>make k2hk_evm_defconfig
>make u-boot-spi.gph
To build MLO
>make k2hk_evm_defconfig
>make MLO
Load and Run U-Boot on keystone EVMs using CCS
......@@ -168,3 +161,14 @@ instructions:
to "ARM NAND Boot mode" as per instruction at*_Hardware_Setup.
6. Power ON the EVM. The EVM now boots with u-boot image on the NAND flash.
Load and Run U-Boot on keystone EVMs using UART download
Open BMC and regular UART terminals.
1. On the regular UART port start xmodem transfer of the u-boot.bin
2. Using BMC terminal set the ARM-UART bootmode and reboot the EVM
BMC> bootmode #4
MBC> reboot
3. When xmodem is complete you should see the u-boot starts on the UART port
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