Commit cb0b6986 authored by Christian Gmeiner's avatar Christian Gmeiner Committed by Stefano Babic

ot1200: fix card detect for usdhc4

Today I got the final board and found out that a different
connector is used as the one on my development board. The
new connector has swaped pins for cd and wp.

This change is tested on a production ready board.
Signed-off-by: default avatarChristian Gmeiner <>
parent 4ccaf5dd
......@@ -159,8 +159,8 @@ int board_mmc_getcd(struct mmc *mmc)
gpio_direction_input(IMX_GPIO_NR(4, 5));
ret = gpio_get_value(IMX_GPIO_NR(4, 5));
} else {
gpio_direction_input(IMX_GPIO_NR(1, 4));
ret = !gpio_get_value(IMX_GPIO_NR(1, 4));
gpio_direction_input(IMX_GPIO_NR(1, 5));
ret = !gpio_get_value(IMX_GPIO_NR(1, 5));
return ret;
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