Commit de0b9576 authored by Nobuhiro Iwamatsu's avatar Nobuhiro Iwamatsu Committed by Wolfgang Denk

net: fec_mxc: Add initialized eth_device structure

This prevents access to the member of eth_device which is not initialized.
Signed-off-by: default avatarNobuhiro Iwamatsu <>
CC: Ben Warren <>
parent 72c4c33e
......@@ -710,6 +710,7 @@ static int fec_probe(bd_t *bd)
puts("fec_mxc: not enough malloc memory\n");
return -ENOMEM;
memset(edev, 0, sizeof(*edev));
edev->priv = fec;
edev->init = fec_init;
edev->send = fec_send;
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