Commit e1783b5b authored by Bin Meng's avatar Bin Meng Committed by Simon Glass

drivers: block: Remove the ata_piix driver

This driver was originally added to support the native IDE mode for
Intel chipset, however it has some bugs like not supporting ATAPI
devices, endianness issue, or even broken build when CONFIG_LAB48.
Given no board is using this driver as of today, rather than fixing
all these issues we just remove it from the source tree.
Signed-off-by: default avatarBin Meng <>
Acked-by: default avatarSimon Glass <>
parent aeda4ab6
......@@ -6,7 +6,6 @@
obj-$(CONFIG_SCSI_AHCI) += ahci.o
obj-$(CONFIG_ATA_PIIX) += ata_piix.o
obj-$(CONFIG_DWC_AHSATA) += dwc_ahsata.o
obj-$(CONFIG_FSL_SATA) += fsl_sata.o
obj-$(CONFIG_IDE_FTIDE020) += ftide020.o
This diff is collapsed.
#ifndef __ATA_PIIX_H__
#define __ATA_PIIX_H__
struct sata_ioports {
unsigned long cmd_addr;
unsigned long data_addr;
unsigned long error_addr;
unsigned long feature_addr;
unsigned long nsect_addr;
unsigned long lbal_addr;
unsigned long lbam_addr;
unsigned long lbah_addr;
unsigned long device_addr;
unsigned long status_addr;
unsigned long command_addr;
unsigned long altstatus_addr;
unsigned long ctl_addr;
unsigned long bmdma_addr;
unsigned long scr_addr;
struct sata_port {
unsigned char port_no; /* primary=0, secondary=1 */
struct sata_ioports ioaddr; /* ATA cmd/ctl/dma reg blks */
unsigned char ctl_reg;
unsigned char last_ctl;
unsigned char port_state; /* 1-port is available and */
/* 0-port is not available */
unsigned char dev_mask;
#ifdef SATA_DECL /* SATA library specific declarations */
inline void ata_dump_id(u16 *id)
debug("49 = 0x%04x "
"53 = 0x%04x "
"63 = 0x%04x "
"64 = 0x%04x "
"75 = 0x%04x\n", id[49], id[53], id[63], id[64], id[75]);
debug("80 = 0x%04x "
"81 = 0x%04x "
"82 = 0x%04x "
"83 = 0x%04x "
"84 = 0x%04x\n", id[80], id[81], id[82], id[83], id[84]);
debug("88 = 0x%04x " "93 = 0x%04x\n", id[88], id[93]);
#ifdef SATA_DECL /*SATA library specific declarations */
int sata_bus_softreset(int num);
void sata_identify(int num, int dev);
void sata_port(struct sata_ioports *ioport);
void set_Feature_cmd(int num, int dev);
int sata_devchk(struct sata_ioports *ioaddr, int dev);
void dev_select(struct sata_ioports *ioaddr, int dev);
u8 sata_busy_wait(struct sata_ioports *ioaddr, int bits, unsigned int max);
u8 sata_chk_status(struct sata_ioports *ioaddr);
#ifdef DRV_DECL /* Driver specific declaration */
int init_sata(int dev);
#ifdef DRV_DECL /* Defines Driver Specific variables */
struct sata_port port[CONFIG_SYS_SATA_MAXBUS];
#endif /* __ATA_PIIX_H__ */
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