Commit eeb5b1ad authored by Stuart Yoder's avatar Stuart Yoder Committed by York Sun

pci: make pci_get_hose_head() available to external users

Put pci_get_hose_head() prototype in header so it is available to
external users, allowing them to find and iterate over all pci
Signed-off-by: default avatarStuart Yoder <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarYork Sun <>
parent 029a407d
......@@ -700,6 +700,7 @@ extern void *pci_map_bar(pci_dev_t pdev, int bar, int flags);
extern void pci_register_hose(struct pci_controller* hose);
extern struct pci_controller* pci_bus_to_hose(int bus);
extern struct pci_controller *find_hose_by_cfg_addr(void *cfg_addr);
extern struct pci_controller *pci_get_hose_head(void);
extern int pci_skip_dev(struct pci_controller *hose, pci_dev_t dev);
extern int pci_hose_scan(struct pci_controller *hose);
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