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      OMAP3 Move cache routine to cache.S · 7a2aa8b6
      Tom Rix authored
      v7_flush_dcache_all, because it depends on omap ROM code is not
      generic.  Rename the function to 'invalidate_dcache' and move it
      to the omap cpu directory.
      Collect the other omap cache routines l2_cache_enable and
      l2_cache_disable with invalide_dcache into cache.S.  This
      means removing the old cache.c file that contained l2_cache_enable
      and l2_cache_disable.
      The conversion from cache.c to cache.S was done most through
      disassembling the uboot binary.  The only significant change was
      to change the comparision for the return of get_cpu_rev from
         cmp	r0, #0
         beq	earlier_than_label
      Which was lost information to
         cmp	r0, #CPU_3XX_ES20
         blt	earlier_than_label
      The paths through the enable routine were verified by
      adding an infinite loop and seeing the hang.  Then
      removing the infinite loop and seeing it continue.
      The disable routine is similar enough that it was not
      tested with this method.
      Run tested by cold booting from nand on beagle and zoom1.
      Compile tested on MAKEALL arm.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarTom Rix <Tom.Rix@windriver.com>