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      Add SLRE - Super Light Regular Expression library · a5ecbe62
      Wolfgang Denk authored
      Downloaded from http://slre.sourceforge.net/
      and adapted for U-Boot environment.
      Used to implement regex operations on environment variables.
      Code size is ~ 3.5 KiB on PPC.
      To enable this code, define the  CONFIG_REGEX  option in your board
      config file.
      Note:  There are more recent versions of the SLRE library available at
      http://slre.googlecode.com ; unfortunately, the new code has a heavily
      reorked API which makes it less usable for our purposes:
      - the return code is strings, which are more difficult to process
      - we don't get any information any more which sub-string of the data
        was matched by the given regex
      - it is much more cumbersome to work with arbitrary expressions, where
        for example the number of substrings for capturing are not known at
        compile time
      Also, there does not seem to be any real changes or improvements of
      the functionality.
      Because of this, we deliberately stick with the older code.
      Note 2: the test code (built when SLRE_TEST is defined) was modified
      to allow for more extensive testing; now we can test the regexp
      matching on all lines on a text file (instead of the whole data in the
      file as a single block).
      Signed-off-by: default avatarWolfgang Denk <wd@denx.de>