1. 16 Sep, 2016 1 commit
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      Use separate options for TPL support · 76f1f388
      Simon Glass authored
      At present TPL uses the same options as SPL support. In a few cases the board
      config enables or disables the SPL options depending on whether
      CONFIG_TPL_BUILD is defined.
      With the move to Kconfig, options are determined for the whole build and
      (without a hack like an #undef in a header file) cannot be controlled in this
      Create new TPL options for these and update users. This will allow Kconfig
      conversion to proceed for these boards.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarSimon Glass <sjg@chromium.org>
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    • mario.six@gdsys.cc's avatar
      rsa: Fix return value and masked error · 2b9ec762
      mario.six@gdsys.cc authored
      When signing images, we repeatedly call fit_add_file_data() with
      successively increasing size values to include the keys in the DTB.
      Unfortunately, if large keys are used (such as 4096 bit RSA keys), this
      process fails sometimes, and mkimage needs to be called repeatedly to
      integrate the keys into the DTB.
      This is because fit_add_file_data actually returns the wrong error
      code, and the loop terminates prematurely, instead of trying again with
      a larger size value.
      This patch corrects the return value by fixing the return value of
      fdt_add_bignum, fixes a case where an error is masked by a unconditional
      setting of a return value variable, and also removes a error message,
      which is misleading, since we actually allow the function to fail. A
      (hopefully helpful) comment is also added to explain the lack of error
      This is probably related to 1152a05e ("tools: Correct error handling in
      fit_image_process_hash()") and the corresponding error reported here:
      https://www.mail-archive.com/u-boot@lists.denx.de/msg217417.htmlSigned-off-by: default avatarMario Six <mario.six@gdsys.cc>
    • Andreas Färber's avatar
      efi_loader: Add debug output for efi_add_memory_map() · c933ed94
      Andreas Färber authored
      Tracing the arguments has been helpful for pinpointing overflows.
      Cc: Alexander Graf <agraf@suse.de>
      Signed-off-by: default avatarAndreas Färber <afaerber@suse.de>
      Reviewed-by: default avatarAlexander Graf <agraf@suse.de>
  9. 16 Jul, 2016 1 commit
    • Robert P. J. Day's avatar
      Various, unrelated tree-wide typo fixes. · 62a3b7dd
      Robert P. J. Day authored
          Fix a number of typos, including:
           * "compatble" -> "compatible"
           * "eanbeld" -> "enabled"
           * "envrionment" -> "environment"
           * "FTD" -> "FDT" (for "flattened device tree")
           * "ommitted" -> "omitted"
           * "overriden" -> "overridden"
           * "partiton" -> "partition"
           * "propogate" -> "propagate"
           * "resourse" -> "resource"
           * "rest in piece" -> "rest in peace"
           * "suport" -> "support"
           * "varible" -> "variable"
      Signed-off-by: default avatarRobert P. J. Day <rpjday@crashcourse.ca>
  10. 15 Jul, 2016 3 commits
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    • Andre Przywara's avatar
      SPL: tiny-printf: avoid any BSS usage · 59d07ee0
      Andre Przywara authored
      As printf calls may be executed quite early, we should avoid using any
      BSS stored variables, since some boards put BSS in DRAM, which may not
      have been initialised yet.
      Explicitly mark those "static global" variables as belonging to the
      .data section, to keep tiny-printf clear of any BSS usage.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarAndre Przywara <andre.przywara@arm.com>
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