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    Merge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-arm · 87a5d601
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    * 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-arm:
      ARM: Add Calxeda Highbank platform
      dkb: make mmc command as default enabled
      Marvell: dkb: add mmc support
      ARM: pantheon: add mmc definition
      davinci: remove config.mk file from the sources
      ARM:AM33XX: Add support for TI AM335X EVM
      ARM:AM33XX: Added timer support
      ARM:AM33XX: Add emif/ddr support
      ARM:AM33XX: Add clock definitions
      ARM:AM33XX: Added support for AM33xx
      omap3/emif4: fix registers definition
      davinci: remove obsolete macro CONFIG_EMAC_MDIO_PHY_NUM
      davinci: emac: add support for more than 1 PHYs
      davinci: emac: add new features to autonegotiate for EMAC
      da850evm: Move LPSC configuration to board_early_init_f()
      omap4_panda: Build in cmd_gpio support on panda
      omap: Don't use gpio_free to change direction to input
      mmc: omap: Allow OMAP_HSMMC[23]_BASE to be unset
      OMAP3: overo : Add environment variable optargs to bootargs
      OMAP3: overo: Move ethernet CS4 configuration to execute based on board id
      OMAP3: overo : Use ttyO2 instead of ttyS2.
      da830: add support for NAND boot mode
      dm36x: revert cache disable patch
      dm644X: revert cache disable patch
      devkit8000: Add malloc space
      omap: spl: fix build break due to changes in FAT
      OMAP3 SPL: Provide weak omap_rev_string
      omap: beagle: Use ubifs instead of jffs2 for nand boot
      omap: overo: Disable pull-ups on camera PCLK, HS and VS signals
      omap: overo: Configure mux for gpio10
      SPL: Add DMA library
      omap3: Add interface for omap3 DMA
      omap3: Add DMA register accessors
      omap3: Add Base register for DMA
      arm, davinci: add missing LSPC define for MMC/SD1
      U-Boot/SPL: omap4: Make ddr pre-calculated timings as default.
      DaVinci: correct MDSTAT.STATE mask
      omap4: splitting padconfs into common, 4430 and 4460
      omap4: adding revision detection for 4460 ES1.1
      omap4: replacing OMAP4_CONTROL with OMAP4430_CONTROL
      gplug: fixed build error as a result of code cleanup patch
      kirkwood_spi: add dummy spi_init()
      gpio: mvmfp: reduce include platform file
      ARM: orion5x: reduce dependence of including platform file
      serial: reduce include platform file for marvell chip
      ARM: kirkwood: reduce dependence of including platform file
      ARM: armada100: reduce dependence of including platform file
      ARM: pantheon: reduce dependence of including platform file
      Armada100: Add env storage support for Marvell gplugD
      Armada100: Add SPI flash support for Marvell gplugD
      Armada100: Add SPI support for Marvell gplugD
      SPI: Add SPI driver support for Marvell Armada100
      dreamplug: initial board support.
      imx: fix coding style
      misc: pmic: drop old Freescale's pmic driver
      MX31: mx31pdk: use new pmic driver
      MX31: mx31ads: use new pmic driver
      MX31: mx31_litekit: use new pmic driver
      MX5: mx53evk: use new pmic driver
      MX5: mx51evk: use new pmic driver
      MX35: mx35pdk: use new pmic driver
      misc: pmic: addI2C  support to pmic_fsl driver
      misc: pmic: use I2C_SET_BUS in pmic I2C
      MX5: efikamx/efikasb: use new pmic driver
      MX3: qong: use new pmic driver
      RTC: Switch mc13783 to generic pmic code
      MX5: vision2: use new pmic driver
      misc: pmic: Freescale PMIC switches to generic PMIC driver
      misc:pmic:samsung Enable PMIC driver at GONI target
      misc:pmic:max8998 MAX8998 support at a new PMIC driver.
      misc:pmic:core New generic PMIC driver
      mx31pdk: Remove unneeded config
      mx31: provide readable WEIM CS accessor
      MX51: vision2: Set global macros
      I2C: Add i2c_get/set_speed() to mxc_i2c.c
      ARM: Update mach-types
      devkit8000: Add config to enable SPL MMC boot
      devkit8000: protect board_mmc_init
      arm, post: add missing post_time_ms for arm
      cosmetic, post: Codingstyle cleanup
      arm, logbuffer: make it compileclean
      tegra2: Enable MMC for Seaboard
      tegra2: Add more pinmux functions
      tegra2: Rename PIN_ to PINGRP_
      tegra2: Add more clock functions
      tegra2: Clean up board code a little
      tegra2: Rename CLOCK_PLL_ID to CLOCK_ID
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