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    • Dorota Czaplejewicz's avatar
      rootston/layer_shell: fix clicking after surface moved/resized · f4ae9824
      Dorota Czaplejewicz authored
      Layer surfaces are not notified of cursor position changes if the surface moves, only if the cursor moves. This workaround emits a cursor position event every time a cursor ends up over a newly resized layer surface to make sure the following clicks land in the right place.
      This change doesn't address sending leave events when a cursor previously present over the surface becomes away.
      There are 2 separate mechanisms in play, because a layer surface gets resized in 2 steps:
      1. Layer surface resize & rearrange.
      2. Underlying surface resize.
      The first step may affect all layer surfaces. The cursor events are sent to cursors placed over all layer surfaces which have moved (not been resized). The second step affects any layer surface whose surface changed size. The cursor event is sent only to that surface.
      Together, these events cover all surfaces: those which moves, and those which changed size, as long as each layer surface resize is accompanied by an immediate surface resize.
    • Scott Anderson's avatar
      Replace generator with custom_target · 39ac2140
      Scott Anderson authored
      This stops the protocol header constantly being regenerated for every
      target using them.
    • Scott Anderson's avatar
      Use input file for configure_file · f41c4119
      Scott Anderson authored
      This is so we can potentially add comments to it, and so if a user looks
      at the installed header, they can see the /* #undef WLR_HAS_FEATURE */
      line to see every option, even if not available.