Commit 3b60923d authored by Frédéric Péters's avatar Frédéric Péters
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Release 2.29.91

parent 1175e099
gnome-control-center 2.29.91 (2010-02-24)
- Add 'span' as a style for backgrounds
Display Properties:
- Now fits in 640x480 and has a better layout overall.
- Jst use "monitors" for wording, not a mixture of "monitor",
"display", "screen".
- Make the mouse cursor indicate when you can drag a monitor
- ar (Khaled Hosny)
- bg (Alexander Shopov)
- ca (Joan Duran)
- de (Mario Blättermann)
- es (Jorge González)
- gl (Fran Diéguez)
- hu (Gabor Kelemen)
- pl (Piotr Drąg)
- pt_BR (Vladimir Melo)
- ro (Lucian Adrian Grijincu)
- sl (Matej Urbančič)
- ta (vasudeven)
- zh_HK & zh_TW (Chao-Hsiung Liao)
gnome-control-center 2.29.90 (2010-02-08)
AC_INIT([gnome-control-center], [2.29.90],
AC_INIT([gnome-control-center], [2.29.91],
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