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Document changes and release 1:

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gnome-control-center (1: amber-phone; urgency=medium
[ Mohammed Sadiq ]
* control: lower some dependencies
* Update patches
* Update patches
* control: fix max version
* control: fix version again
* Update patches
* Update patches
* add new dependencies
* Update patches
* Update patches
* Update patches
* Update patches
* Update patches
* Update patches
* Update patches
* Update patches
* Update patches
* Update patches
* Update patches
* Update patches
* Update patches
* Update patches
* Update patches
* add modem maanger polkit permissions
* Update patches
* Update patches
* Update patches
* Update patches
* Update patches
* remove an absolete patch
* remove an accidently added patch
* Update patches
* Update patches
* Update patches
* Update patches
* update patches
* Update patches
* update wwan
* Update patches
* Update patches
* Update patches
* Update patches
* Update patches
* Add helper for new connection editor
* Add helper for using new hotspot
* Add hidden-wifi-dialog
* Add network agent
* Add new connection editor
* avatar-chooser: Adapt to work on librem5
* background: Scale images to window scale factor.
The GdkPixbuf generated via GnomeBG isnt scaled to the current scale
factor. We have to scale it ourself before creating an image widget
from that.
* build: lower meson dependencies
* common: Add cc-list-row
* datetime: Fix time-date dialog on librem5
* datetime: Fix timezone selection map
* network: Don't show modems supported by cellular panel.
Cellular panel is already handling it
* notification: Hide lockscreen notification option
* panel-list: Select panel iff non-folded when search is cancelled.
If the window is folded, the previous panel shouldn’t be shown when search
is cancelled. The panel selection list should be shown instead.
* power: Fix mobile broadband switch logic.
Let the power switch be active (ie, powersave set to off) if either
of wimax or wwan device is enabled. And set the switch sensitive
if either of them present.
* privacy: Port dialogs to HdyDialog
and pack the trash cleanup dialog buttons into a flowbox so that
they works nice on small screens.
* region: Implement new design for ‘Formats’ dialog
* shell: Hide some panels
* sound: fix test dialog on small screen
* user-accounts: Constrain passwords to digits
* wifi: Add new hotspot dialog
* window: Set sidebar as the default visible child.
This doesn't make any difference when the UI isn't folded.
Otherwise (Eg., on small screens) the sidebar will be shown
first instead of some panel.
* wwan: Add new panel for modem management.
The panel supports 2G/3G/4G GSM/LTE modems. CDMA2000 Modems are not supported.
If a supported modem is present, the panel will be shown and the modem will be
handled, else, network-panel shall manage the modem as it did in the past.
If more than one modem with data enabled is present, the user is allowed to set
priority of one SIM over the other (the priority is for SIM, not modem).
* search: Fix crash on clicking 'Search Locations'
When creating a Page, the dialog variable wasn't set and thus
dereferencing a NULL in a later code resulting a crash.
* user-panel: hide add user, unlock buttons
* wifi: Use new connection editor
* wifi: Use new hotspot dialog
* window: Always show the first panel.
On librem5 it's not much interesting to show subpanels first
* window: Let the window open folded on launch
* remove all downstream patches
* power: show brightness slider in a separate row.
* sound: Prefer symbolic icons for audio streams
* power-panel: Remove power button actions.
This is not handled by settings on librem5
* region: Remove preview button from input row.
We don’t want this on librem5 where there is no hardware keyboard. Also, as the
window is too big, we might want something else even with keyboard on librem5
* Add gitlab-ci to build deb packages.
An excact copy of
* passwor-dialog: Allow 6+ digit numbers as password
* debian/control: Add 'Breaks: phosh (<< 0.1.7)'
* notifications: Add Feedback settings.
[ Allan Day ]
* region: Tweak format dialog
[ Julian Sparber ]
* UserAccount: fix window resizing issue
[ Kyle Rankin ]
* Lower WWAN DNS Priority.
The current DNS priority settings for WWAN were set far too low. Most
connections (including WiFi) do not set DNS priority (set to 0) and per :
"A lower value is better (higher priority). Zero selects a globally
configured default value. If the latter is missing or zero too, it
defaults to 50 for VPNs and 100 for other connections."
By setting both the "low" and "high" settings to 15 and 20 respectively,
the WWAN DNS servers were always appearing above WiFi, even though WiFi
had routing priority. This caused latency and other problems when the
wwan connection was slow because the system would query those DNS
servers before WiFi ones. Beyond that, it would even cause WWAN to
override VPN DNS settings which isn't what we want.
This change puts the "low priority" setting above the default 100 that
connections get when they don't otherwise set a priority, and the "high
priority" slightly below 100. I did this instead of setting the values
to 0 because I noticed that NM doesn't seem to be aware it should
prioritize WiFi in that case so WWAN DNS servers were still sometimes
taking precedence.
[ Arnaud Ferraris ]
* notifications: fix feedback profiles.
This patches fixes the feedback profile names for 'silent'
and 'quiet' which were previously inverted.
-- Guido Günther <> Tue, 23 Jun 2020 19:15:16 +0200
gnome-control-center (1: experimental; urgency=medium
* New upstream release
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