Commit 9d7e8db0 authored by Andrej Žnidaršič's avatar Andrej Žnidaršič Committed by Matej Urbančič
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Updated Slovenian translation

parent a8f8bae7
......@@ -2002,7 +2002,7 @@ msgstr "UPS praznjenje"
#: ../panels/power/cc-power-panel.c:288
#, c-format
msgid "%s until charged (%.0lf%%)"
msgstr "še %d do polnosti (%.0lf%%)"
msgstr "še %s do polnosti (%.0lf%%)"
#. TRANSLATORS: %1 is a time string, e.g. "1 hour 5 minutes"
#: ../panels/power/cc-power-panel.c:294
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