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    • Sebastian Krzyszkowiak's avatar
      wwan: Fix signal strength display when extended signal retrieval is disabled · 2bea12b0
      Sebastian Krzyszkowiak authored
      MMModemSignal interface is used to retrieve extended signal information that
      requires periodic polling. Therefore, it needs to be manually enabled in order
      to use. There if a fallback to use mm_modem_get_signal_quality when MMModemSignal
      interface is unavailable, but it didn't check whether it's actually enabled,
      leaving the UI with empty label.
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    • Kyle Rankin's avatar
      Lower WWAN DNS Priority · cc932710
      Kyle Rankin authored
      Fixes Librem5/OS-issues#130
      The current DNS priority settings for WWAN were set far too low. Most
      connections (including WiFi) do not set DNS priority (set to 0) and per
      https://developer.gnome.org/NetworkManager/stable/nm-settings.html :
      "A lower value is better (higher priority). Zero selects a globally
      configured default value. If the latter is missing or zero too, it
      defaults to 50 for VPNs and 100 for other connections."
      By setting both the "low" and "high" settings to 15 and 20 respectively,
      the WWAN DNS servers were always appearing above WiFi, even though WiFi
      had routing priority. This caused latency and other problems when the
      wwan connection was slow because the system would query those DNS
      servers before WiFi ones. Beyond that, it would even cause WWAN to
      override VPN DNS settings which isn't what we want.
      This change puts the "low priority" setting above the default 100 that
      connections get when they don't otherwise set a priority, and the "high
      priority" slightly below 100. I did this instead of setting the values
      to 0 because I noticed that NM doesn't seem to be aware it should
      prioritize WiFi in that case so WWAN DNS servers were still sometimes
      taking precedence.
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