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......@@ -311,6 +311,22 @@ At the very least you will want a copy of your public key, so type::
Then you can share pubkey.asc with a public key server or anyone you want to send you encrypted communications.
Change Language Settings on the Librem Key
The Librem Key currently defaults to German as its on-board GPG language setting. This means when you plug it in, you might get a desktop prompt in German instead of English. To change the default language used by the Librem Key for GPG, first enter the GPG card edit menu::
gpg --card-edit
Then from the ``gpg/card>`` prompt type ``admin`` to enter admin mode and then ``lang`` to change the language. For instance to change it from German to English, set it to ``en`` when you see the ``Language preferences:`` prompt::
Then type ``quit`` to exit the menu when you are done::
Decrypt LUKS-encrypted Drives with Librem Key
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