Commit 42f40ae7 authored by Razvan Radulescu's avatar Razvan Radulescu
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print CI godot3-server version info

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......@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@ purism:
- apt-get install -yq wget unzip fakeroot debhelper godot3-server
- mkdir -v -p ./build/$DEB_NAME-$DEB_VERSION ~/.local/share/godot/templates ~/.cache ~/.config/godot
- mv -v ./Godot_v*_export_templates/templates ~/.local/share/godot/templates/${GODOT_VERSION}.${GODOT_VARIANT}
- godot3-server --version
- godot3-server -v -q --path ./$BUILD_NAME --export "Linux/X11" ../build/$DEB_NAME-$DEB_VERSION/$BUILD_NAME.x64
- mv -v ./debian/*.desktop ./build/$DEB_NAME-$DEB_VERSION
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