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Adding simple build commands to build from source.

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...@@ -6,44 +6,14 @@ Flossy Gnu ...@@ -6,44 +6,14 @@ Flossy Gnu
A simple 2D game demonstrating adaptive game design with the Godot A simple 2D game demonstrating adaptive game design with the Godot
game engine. game engine.
Run from source Run flossy-gnu game from source
--------------- ---------------
``` ```
git clone git clone
TODO... godot3-server -v -q --path ./game --export "Linux/X11" ../flossy-gnu
./flossy-gnu &
``` ```
Build flossy-gnu on Debian GNU/Linux
While this has been tested on PureOS, it work for any Debian based
flossy-gnu is a game built with the Godot game engine. If you're
building the in a Gitlab pipeline, please see the file .gitlab-ci.yml
for Gitlab continuous intgration.
If you're on a Debian based system, you can install needed
dependencies for the Godot game engine this way
1. run `sudo apt update && sudo apt install -yq wget unzip fakeroot debhelper`
2. mkdir -v -p ./downloads ./build/flossy-gnu ~/.local/share/godot/templates ~/.cache ~/.config/godot
3. cd ./downloads
I believe that this download is already in PureOS as the package godot3-server (it seems to produce the same output.)
5. wget "${GODOT_VERSION}/Godot_v${GODOT_VERSION}-${GODOT_VARIANT}_export_templates.tpz"
6. unzip Godot_v*
7. unzip Godot_v*_export_templates.tpz
8. mv -v Godot_v*_linux_headless.64 /bin/godot # Replace this call with a call to godot3-server?
9. mv -v templates ~/.local/share/godot/templates/${GODOT_VERSION}.${GODOT_VARIANT}
10. cd ..
11. rm -rf ./downloads # We'll likely not need this
script: - godot -v -q --path ./$BUILD_NAME --export "Linux/X11" ../build/$DEB_NAME-$DEB_VERSION/$BUILD_NAME.x64 - mv -v ./debian/*.desktop ./build/$DEB_NAME-$DEB_VERSION - cp -v ./$BUILD_NAME/icon.png ./build/$DEB_NAME-$DEB_VERSION - ls -la ./build/$DEB_NAME-$DEB_VERSION - strip --strip-unneeded --remove-section=.comment --remove-section=.note ./build/$DEB_NAME-$DEB_VERSION/$BUILD_NAME.x64 - cd ./build - tar -vcJf ${DEB_NAME}_${DEB_VERSION}.orig.tar.xz $DEB_NAME-$DEB_VERSION - cd ./$DEB_NAME-$DEB_VERSION - cp -v -r ../../debian .
- fakeroot dpkg-buildpackage -F
- ls -la ..
## License and Copyright ## License and Copyright
Copyright © 2019 Purism SPC Copyright © 2019 Purism SPC
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