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Software Warrant Canary, April 1st 2021

1. We have not placed any backdoors into our software, and we have not complied with any requests to do so.
2. We have not complied with any National Security Letters or FISA court orders regarding our software.
3. We have not been subject to any gag order by a FISA court regarding our software.

The next statement will be published on the first day of each quarter
(January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, October 1st)

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### curl --silent "" | xmllint --xpath //item//title - | sed "s/<title>//g" | sed "s/<\/title>/\n/g"
Study reveals large and unequal health burden from air pollution in California's Bay Area

Endangered rusty patched bumblebee is at the center of a legal challenge

Is battery recycling environmentally friendly?

'Designer' pore shows selective traffic to and from the cell nucleus

Advances in tropical cyclone observation may aid in disaster reduction and prevention

Preconditions for life already present 3.5 billion years ago

Micro-environmental influences on artificial micromotors

Special heat treatment improves novel magnetic material

In quieter Mexico City, rare bats make an appearance

Researchers achieve world's first manipulation of antimatter by laser

US$1.28 trillion: The stark economic carnage of biological invasions threatening the world

Neuroscientists have identified a brain circuit that stops mice from mating with others that appear to be sick

Early humans in the Kalahari were as innovative as their coastal neighbors

Waste carbon from steel production can be recycled into new products

Carbon-neutral biofuel from lakes: Suggestions for extraction of methane for energy

Biodiversity is positively related to mental health

Kuroshio current may be responsible for climatic discomfort in Tokyo, scientists find

A successful phonon calculation within the quantum Monte Carlo framework

New study sews doubt about the composition of 70 percent of our universe

Japan sees earliest cherry blossoms on record as climate warms

Study provides first evidence of DNA collection from air

Scientists pinpoint our most distant animal relatives

Evidence of Neolithic people extracting salt from seawater 5,800 years ago

Analysis of ancient bones reveals Stone Age diet details

Radar study shows 46 million grasshoppers descended on Las Vegas

Heat conduction record with tantalum nitride

Modeling the behavior of 2D materials under pressure

Estimating lifetime microplastic exposure

Revealing meat and fish fraud with a handheld 'MasSpec Pen' in seconds

Temperature sensor could help safeguard mRNA vaccines