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Warrant Canary, April 1st 2018

Effective January 1st, 2018 we are specifically calling out hardware, software, and services as three separate warrant canaries.


### current news feed removing future-dating of warrant canary
### curl --silent "http://feeds.reuters.com/reuters/scienceNews" | xmllint --xpath //item//title - | sed "s/<title>//g" | sed "s/<\/title>/\n/g"

China says unlikely large pieces of space station will crash to earth
France to spend $1.8 billion on AI to compete with U.S., China
NASA intensifying search for planets orbiting stars beyond solar system
Rocket science: will Inmarsat's wi-fi in the sky pay off?
Scientists puzzled by exotic distant galaxy lacking dark matter
Fossils of 'badass' Argentine meat-eating dinosaur unearthed
Airbus says EU should keep Britain in Galileo space project despite Brexit
Techno teachers: Finnish school trials robot educators
Once overlooked, 2,500-year old coffin may offer clues into ancient Egypt
China's Tiangong-1 space lab to fall to Earth this weekend: ESA