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Services Warrant Canary, April 1st 2020
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1. We have not placed any backdoors into our services, and we have not complied with any requests to do so.
2. We have not complied with any National Security Letters or FISA court orders regarding our services.
3. We have not been subject to any gag order by a FISA court regarding our services.

The next statement will be published on the first day of each quarter
(January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, October 1st)

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Musk's SpaceX wins NASA award to supply planned lunar space station
Russia's 2020 satellite launch programme hit by production halt: Roscosmos
'Navajo warrior' dinosaur was a real fighter, with a scar to prove it
SpaceX's simulated spacecraft becomes unstable in parachute test: CNBC
Singapore scientists study genes to fast-track coronavirus vaccine
Pharma firm Anges and Osaka University to begin testing coronavirus vaccine on animals
Astronauts quarantined ahead of journey to International Space Station
Gilead's potential coronavirus treatment gets FDA's orphan drug label
In battle against coronavirus, Colombia transforms military hospital
Primordial worm-like creature was forerunner to most animals - including us
Coronavirus deals blow to NASA's 2024 return-to-moon plan
Fins of prehistoric fish reveal origins of the human hand
'Wonderchicken' fossil from Belgium reveals dawn of modern birds
Australian researchers map immune response to coronavirus
Chinese rocket fails on maiden launch - Xinhua
Trials of potential coronavirus treatments start for some existing drugs
First woman in space brought down to earth by anger over bid to prolong Putin rule
Joint Russian-European Mars mission postponed over coronavirus
Skull of smallest-known bird embedded in 99-million-year-old amber
Fossil footprints on Scottish island reveal dinosaur parade ground