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Phone Shell

This is the design of the phone shell, called :ref:`phosh`.
Starting from the leftmost picture, you can start to get a feel for the stages to be expected on the phone through the various states.

.. image:: shell_pics/shell.jpg
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   :width: 700px
   :height: 500px
   :align: center

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Benedikt Wildenhain committed
The leftmost picture shows the lock screen where the user will need to "Slide up to unlock".

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Benedikt Wildenhain committed
Then after the user slides up, they will see the dial pad with some text prompting the user to "Insert your passcode". When the user begins to input the passcode, the dots represent the secret values entered.
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Once the screen is successfully unlocked, the user will be taken to the home screen which is a matrix of applications. Note that the current image contains redundant placeholder applications.

The user will open up an application that will be full screen with two additional interactive points: can slide down from the top or tap the bottom bar to return to the home application screen. The "Power off" screen is also displayed in this picture along with a mockup onscreen keyboard.

Finally, the rightmost image displays what an incoming phone call will look like.