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Developing a dev kit and eventually a phone is a process that requires iterations over hardware to test and determine which pieces are good to use in the ultimate Librem 5 phone and which aren't. What defines a hardware componenet to be good for the phone? There are several components like performance, freedom of the firmware (if any), physical size, voltage required, features of the hardware component, etc.
On the freedom front, we have been committed to the i.MX line of CPUs (instead of say Intel). Since the i.MX8 CPU had not been released when the Librem 5 team started testing (January 2018), we have started our investigation with the `Nitrogen6 MAX i.MX6 board <>`_.
Once the i.MX8 CPU was released, and the `EmCraft i.MX 8M SoM <>`_ was available, a few were ordered so the rest of the dev board could be designed around this EmCraft SoM. Until the dev kit is available, the :ref:`Dev-kit` page will remain empty. However once the dev kit *is* available, this is where you will find complete information on the hardware and how to set up your dev kit to start using it.
Also take a look at the :ref:`mini-tutorials` page for some common commands and some application setup that is not board specific.
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Dev Kit
.. _imx8:
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