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Some reStructuredText cleanups

Use '::' to denote code so it gets formatted properlay and don't use
colons at the end of headlines since they look confusing in the toc.
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......@@ -10,22 +10,20 @@ There's an experimental QEMU image available that includes:
- Common apps: geary, ephiphany, contacts, calls
- phone / network services: NetworkManager, ModemManager, ...
1. Check the last succesful job on CI
1. Check the last succesful job on CI
2. Download:
2. Download::
3. Decompress it:
3. Decompress it::
unxz qemu-x86_64.img.xz
4. Run it:
4. Run it::
qemu-system-x86_64 -boot menu=on -drive file=qemu-x86_64.img,format=raw -vga virtio -display sdl,gl=on -m 1G -enable-kvm
......@@ -34,12 +32,12 @@
- install org.gnome.Boxes from flatpak:
- Create a new Box from archive selecting qemu-x86_64.img
5. Use it:
5. Use it
.. image:: librem5fromqemu.gif
:alt: QEMU VM running phosh and default apps
- repo:
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