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Are you as excited about the Librem 5 phone as we are?! So excited you *NEED* to volunteer? Well we are excited to welcome you to a community of like minded people!


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The Common Goal

Together, we want to improve PureOS for the Librem 5 and there are several ways in which you can help.

* Maybe you have a free software app that you use on your GNOME or KDE desktop that you would really like to have available on the Librem 5. If that's the case, then you can work to port that app and make it mobile-friendly.
* Or perhaps you really just want to write an app for the Librem 5 for the fun of it! We will be providing tutorials to assist you in your app creation.
* If you worked on something that would be useful to others, share it by contributing to the developer documentation.
* As the OS and applications are used, they're being tested and any defects found during testing are appreciated so that they can quickly be resolved.

Whether it be porting/writing apps, finding defects, writing tutorials, or anything else you can think of.. you are helping the community produce a completely open source phone. We look forward to your help making technical piece of art that respects your freedom.
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Note: To include your app in PureOS, please see :ref:`Publishing-Apps`

Step 1. Get in touch

Watch technical email regarding ongoing software development within the team and feel free to chime in with good suggestions. Depending on the level of involvement that you're seeking, you can sign up for any/all of these email lists where you can follow development and ask questions:

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 * ` <>`_ : General Librem 5 announcements (low volume, read only)
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 * ` <>`_ : For all sorts of development conversations. This list will be very technical in nature so join the fun!
 * ` <>`_ : For general users of the Librem 5 that are not so interested in the nitty gritty technical details. This list will contain light traffic until the Librem 5 ships in January 2019.
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 * ` <>`_ : All announcements to all community members

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For the mailing lists, there is no account setup required. Just subscribe, see a full list `here <>`_.

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Request an account to access our internal matrix rooms and our code repos by sending us an email: and we'll get you all setup with your account. Be sure to include the following in your email:

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 * Full name
 * Personal email
 * GPG key

Then the admins will create an account for you in the form of and contact you when ready to use. Once your community account has been created, you will be invited to the following matrix rooms:

 * community/librem-5 : For Librem 5 development chatter
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 * community/pureos : For discussions around PureOS in general
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 * community/purist : For Purist Services

Once you have access to the matrix channels, please say hi and introduce yourself. Let us know who you are and what areas of development interest you the most so that we can guide you to the right resources for your development.
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Step 2. Using your account

With your account, you gain access to:

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 * An email account
 * Internal matrix chat rooms (see above)
 * Our `code repos <>`_ where you can view repositories, create your own, file issues, submit pull requests. (Actually, without a account you can already clone/view repositories.)