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Getting in Touch
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It is common to receive questions like "Will the Librem 5 support _____?" or "Is anyone working on adding support for _____ because I want to help?"

If you have questions about anything regarding the Librem 5, we would really like to hear them from you and there are a couple of recommended ways to reach out:

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There are a couple of ways to contact us and join the fun. We have email lists that are quiet now but will be lively once the dev kits have been sent out. We also have Matrix chat rooms where other volunteers hang out as well as many people from the Purism team. Both places are great locations to introduce yourself and ask questions.

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Email Lists

Watch technical email regarding ongoing software development within the team and feel free to chime in with good suggestions. Depending on the level of involvement that you're seeking, you can sign up for any/all of these email lists where you can follow development and ask questions:

 * ` <>`_ : General Librem 5 announcements (low volume, read only)
 * ` <>`_ : For all sorts of development conversations. This list will be very technical in nature so join the fun!
 * ` <>`_ : For general users of the Librem 5 that are not so interested in the nitty gritty technical details. This list will contain light traffic until the Librem 5 ships in January 2019.
 * ` <>`_ : All announcements to all community members

For the mailing lists, there is no account setup required. Just subscribe, see a full list `here <>`_.

.. _matrix-chat-rooms:

Matrix Chat Rooms

Join our Matrix chat rooms using your Matrix login:

Librem 5 specific:
 * community/librem-5 : For Librem 5 development chatter

Community rooms for non-Librem 5 discussions:
 * community/pureos : For discussions around PureOS in general
 * community/purist : For Purist Services
 * community/general : For questions that are not obviously related to the Librem 5, PureOS, or Purist Services

If you do not already have a Matrix account, please visit `Matrix's website <>`_ to choose a Matrix client where you can register. Once you have a registered Matrix account, you should log into the default server where you can search for our community Matrix rooms on our Matrix server.

Example: To find the community/librem-5 room, you should search for

If you have any issues finding our Matrix rooms, please email with your Matrix id and they will make sure you get invited to the rooms (although invitations are not necessary for access).

Once you have access to the Matrix channels, please say "Hi" and introduce yourself. Let us know who you are and what areas of development interest you the most so that we can guide you to the right resources for your development.

Code Repositories

Our `code repos <>`_ are where anyone can register an account to view our repositories, create your own, file issues, and submit pull requests.