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Adding flow shart to app development

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You can adapt this file completely to your liking, but it should at least
contain the root `toctree` directive.
.. _app_development:
.. toctree::
If you are interested in app development then you're in the right place. Here, you can find out how to make, build, deploy, and publish apps for distribution. Take a look at the flow chart below to get a visual idea of the layout of this apps section.
While your app can be in any language supported by GNOME Builder or Kirigami, these docs will contain examples only for C and C++. Once you have an application, you may deploy it to the dev kit via flatpak or as a packaged deb. The tools you use will depend on what your goals are.
.. image:: images/dev_docs_flow_chart.png
:width: 700px
:height: 600px
:align: center
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