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Publishing Apps
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Getting Involved
Are you as excited about the Librem 5 phone as we are?! So excited you *NEED* to volunteer?
.. toctree::
Do you have an app you'd like to see running in the Librem 5 phone? You can help us by porting that useful app to run on the phone and be included in PureOS.
Note: To include your app in PureOS, please see :ref:`Internal Headline`
Step 1. Get in touch
Send us an email: and we'll get you all setup with your account. It will be in the form of:
Step 2. Using your account
With your account, you gain access to:
* Email subscription to
* Our internal code repos. Your suggestions are welcome :)
There will also be a volunteers matrix channel (available soon).
The Common Goal
Together, we want to provide apps for the Librem 5 to the PureOS repositories.
Maybe you have a free software app that you use on your GNOME or KDE desktop that you would really like to have available on the Librem 5. If that's the case, then you can work to port that app and make it mobile-friendly.
Or perhaps you really just want to write an app for the Librem 5 for the fun of it! We will be providing tutorials to assist you in your app creation.
By porting or writing apps for the Librem 5, you are helping the community produce a completely open source phone. Come on, comrad!
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