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Publishing Apps
This guide walks you thorough the steps necessary to shepard your app into PureOS and Debian. For a short summary of the Debian mindset on package creation, see `How do I make my first package <>`_.
Host your code
The developer will host their app code in a git-based repo. The preferred git hosting is `Salsa <>`_.
`Click here to sign up with Salsa. <>`_
Submit app to PureOS experimental
When the developer has tested and feels like the app is "ready" then
they will submit their package to be included in a PureOS experimental
repository. This repository doesn't yet exist and we would need to
create it.
Manual review for Debian submission
When the developer feels the app is ready to be pushed into Debian and
PureOS testing, they will initiate a review with the Debian developers
within PureOS. Their app will be reviewed and if all is well, the app
will be moved from PureOS experimental to PureOS testing AND the app
will be submitted to Debian on behalf of the developer. This follows the Debian way to include a package. For more information see `Debian's mentor page <>`_.
By including the package into PureOS
testing in parallel to submitting it to Debian allows the developer
(and others) to be able to pull the application from PureOS testing
relatively quickly, while waiting on the package to be accepted by Debian.
If the package is not accepted into Debian, then we will
need to review the reasons to decide if we fix some issue or drop the
package all together.
For brand new apps, as the app developer you will maintain your packages.
For apps that have been ported to be mobile-friendly then you should submit your changes to the upstream project.
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.. _Publishing-Apps:
Publishing Apps
**The method of publishing apps is undergoing internal discussion.**
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