Commit 1c2d9cac authored by Alexander Mikhaylenko's avatar Alexander Mikhaylenko Committed by Adrien Plazas
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shadow-helper: Don't set style context parent

Even though foreign drawing uses a temporary GtkStyleContext, calling
gtk_style_context_set_parent() adds all its CSS nodes to the global
hierarchy, and then they aren't cleaned up. This shouldn't happen.

Fixes Librem5/libhandy#191
parent 941f9d69
......@@ -81,8 +81,6 @@ create_context (HdyShadowHelper *self,
context = gtk_style_context_new ();
gtk_style_context_set_path (context, path);
gtk_style_context_set_parent (context,
gtk_widget_get_style_context (self->widget));
gtk_style_context_add_provider (context,
GTK_STYLE_PROVIDER (self->provider),
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