Commit 3f6234cf authored by Youness Alaoui's avatar Youness Alaoui
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Fix non-downloadable ME URL.

It doesn't auto download it anymore, but at least, instead of an obscure
error, it tells the user what to do if it can't auto detect the direct
link URL.
parent df1c1b41
......@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@ SKL_FSP_SPLIT_SHA="f654f6363de68ad78b1baf8b8e573b53715c3bc76f7f3c23562641e49a703
# Link found on :
# Update link if it changes and becomes invalid.
SKL_ME_FULL_FILENAME="Intel CSME 11.0 Firmware Repository Pack r50/$SKL_ME_FILENAME"
......@@ -223,6 +223,13 @@ get_and_patch_me_11 () {
if [ "$sha" != "$SKL_ME_RAR_SHA" ]; then
DIRECT_LINK=$(wget -O - "$SKL_ME_RAR_URL" 2>/dev/null | grep -o -e 'http://download.*.rar' | head -n 1)
if [ -z "$DIRECT_LINK" ]; then
echo ""
echo "Couldn't automatically determine the direct link URL to download the ME from."
echo "Please manually download the file from the URL '$SKL_ME_RAR_URL'"
echo "And place the file in '`pwd`/$rar_filename'"
die "Once done. Please run this script again."
wget -O "$rar_filename" "$DIRECT_LINK"
sha=$(sha256sum "$rar_filename" | awk '{print $1}')
if [ "$sha" != "$SKL_ME_RAR_SHA" ]; then
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