Commit 15d6ae98 authored by Chris Lamb's avatar Chris Lamb
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Simplify installation of installing files under /etc.

parent 06c9eb1b
......@@ -20,12 +20,11 @@ override_dh_auto_build:
sed -e "s/#VENDORFILE#/$(VENDORFILE)/g" debian/ > debian/postinst
install -p -m 644 etc/* $(DESTDIR)/etc
cp -ar etc/ $(DESTDIR)
install -p -m 755 motd/* $(DESTDIR)/etc/update-motd.d
install -p -m 644 licenses/* $(DESTDIR)/usr/share/common-licenses
install -p -m 644 origins/* $(DESTDIR)/etc/dpkg/origins
install -p -m 644 share/* $(DESTDIR)/usr/share/base-files
install -p -m 644 -D -t $(DESTDIR)/etc/apt/apt.conf.d apt.conf.d/*
ifeq ($(DEB_HOST_GNU_SYSTEM),gnu)
rmdir $(DESTDIR)/sys
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