Commit 1a8a6a4e authored by Angus Ainslie's avatar Angus Ainslie Add a script to use the WWAN modem GPS

By moving the AUX BM818 antenna connector to the unmarked center position
the modem can get a GPS signal. This NOT the GNSS controlled by HKS but is
part of the WWAN modem so is bound to the modem firmware and the WWAN HKS.
Signed-off-by: default avatarAngus Ainslie <>
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# gpsd doesn't wnat to share with ModemManger so give it a fifo instead
# To get this to work you need to modify /etc/default/gpsd to
# monitor "/tmp/gps". You also need to move the AUX BM818 antenna connection
# to the center unmarked position.
rm ${FIFO}
mkfifo ${FIFO}
printf "AT+GPSSTART\r\n" > ${DEVICE}
cat ${DEVICE} > ${FIFO} &
systemctl restart gpsd
#echo "AT+GPSSTOP" > ${DEVICE}
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