Commit 03cc5615 authored by Noe Nieto's avatar Noe Nieto 💬
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Fix options

parent f71fad70
......@@ -60,7 +60,6 @@
- name: Create and setup a wordpress site with woocommerce
become: yes
hosts: all
wordpress_wp_cli_install_dir: /usr/local/bin
- oefenweb.wordpress
......@@ -89,5 +88,13 @@
activate: true
users: {}
woocommerce_api_enabled: yes
- name: woocommerce_api_enabled
command: update
value: yes
- name: swoocommerce_email_from_name
command: update
- name: woocommerce_currency
command: update
vakue: MXN
queries: []
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