Commit 611da04f authored by Eric Paris's avatar Eric Paris
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inotify: send IN_UNMOUNT events

Since the .31 or so notify rewrite inotify has not sent events about
inodes which are unmounted.  This patch restores those events.
Signed-off-by: default avatarEric Paris <>
parent ff311008
......@@ -90,8 +90,11 @@ static inline __u32 inotify_arg_to_mask(u32 arg)
__u32 mask;
/* everything should accept their own ignored and cares about children */
* everything should accept their own ignored, cares about children,
* and should receive events when the inode is unmounted
/* mask off the flags used to open the fd */
mask |= (arg & (IN_ALL_EVENTS | IN_ONESHOT));
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