Commit a30ec4b3 authored by Linus Torvalds's avatar Linus Torvalds

Merge tag 'md/4.1-rc4-fixes' of git://

Pull md bugfixes from Neil Brown:
 "I have a few more raid5 bugfixes pending, but I want them to get a bit
  more review first.  In the meantime:

   - one serious RAID0 data corruption - caused by recent bugfix that
     wasn't reviewed properly.

   - one raid5 fix in new code (a couple more of those to come).

   - one little fix to stop static analysis complaining about silly rcu

* tag 'md/4.1-rc4-fixes' of git://
  md/bitmap: remove rcu annotation from pointer arithmetic.
  md/raid0: fix restore to sector variable in raid0_make_request
  raid5: fix broken async operation chain
parents 1d82b0ba 8532e343
......@@ -177,11 +177,16 @@ static struct md_rdev *next_active_rdev(struct md_rdev *rdev, struct mddev *mdde
* nr_pending is 0 and In_sync is clear, the entries we return will
* still be in the same position on the list when we re-enter
* list_for_each_entry_continue_rcu.
* Note that if entered with 'rdev == NULL' to start at the
* beginning, we temporarily assign 'rdev' to an address which
* isn't really an rdev, but which can be used by
* list_for_each_entry_continue_rcu() to find the first entry.
if (rdev == NULL)
/* start at the beginning */
rdev = list_entry_rcu(&mddev->disks, struct md_rdev, same_set);
rdev = list_entry(&mddev->disks, struct md_rdev, same_set);
else {
/* release the previous rdev and start from there. */
rdev_dec_pending(rdev, mddev);
......@@ -524,6 +524,9 @@ static void raid0_make_request(struct mddev *mddev, struct bio *bio)
? (sector & (chunk_sects-1))
: sector_div(sector, chunk_sects));
/* Restore due to sector_div */
sector = bio->bi_iter.bi_sector;
if (sectors < bio_sectors(bio)) {
split = bio_split(bio, sectors, GFP_NOIO, fs_bio_set);
bio_chain(split, bio);
......@@ -531,7 +534,6 @@ static void raid0_make_request(struct mddev *mddev, struct bio *bio)
split = bio;
sector = bio->bi_iter.bi_sector;
zone = find_zone(mddev->private, &sector);
tmp_dev = map_sector(mddev, zone, sector, &sector);
split->bi_bdev = tmp_dev->bdev;
......@@ -1822,7 +1822,7 @@ ops_run_reconstruct6(struct stripe_head *sh, struct raid5_percpu *percpu,
} else
init_async_submit(&submit, 0, tx, NULL, NULL,
to_addr_conv(sh, percpu, j));
async_gen_syndrome(blocks, 0, count+2, STRIPE_SIZE, &submit);
tx = async_gen_syndrome(blocks, 0, count+2, STRIPE_SIZE, &submit);
if (!last_stripe) {
sh = list_first_entry(&sh->batch_list, struct stripe_head,
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