Commit bdea9e34 authored by Paul E. McKenney's avatar Paul E. McKenney

rcutorture: Documentation for rcuperf kernel parameters

This commit adds documentation for the new rcuperf module's kernel
boot parameters.
Signed-off-by: default avatarPaul E. McKenney <>
parent 8704baab
......@@ -3284,6 +3284,38 @@ bytes respectively. Such letter suffixes can also be entirely omitted.
Lazy RCU callbacks are those which RCU can
prove do nothing more than free memory.
rcuperf.gp_exp= [KNL]
Measure performance of expedited synchronous
grace-period primitives.
rcuperf.nreaders= [KNL]
Set number of RCU readers. The value -1 selects
N, where N is the number of CPUs. A value
"n" less than -1 selects N-n+1, where N is again
the number of CPUs. For example, -2 selects N
(the number of CPUs), -3 selects N+1, and so on.
A value of "n" less than or equal to -N selects
a single reader.
rcuperf.nwriters= [KNL]
Set number of RCU writers. The values operate
the same as for rcuperf.nreaders.
N, where N is the number of CPUs
rcuperf.perf_runnable= [BOOT]
Start rcuperf running at boot time.
rcuperf.shutdown= [KNL]
Shut the system down after performance tests
complete. This is useful for hands-off automated
rcuperf.perf_type= [KNL]
Specify the RCU implementation to test.
rcuperf.verbose= [KNL]
Enable additional printk() statements.
rcutorture.cbflood_inter_holdoff= [KNL]
Set holdoff time (jiffies) between successive
callback-flood tests.
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