Commit c1944fed authored by Yan, Zheng's avatar Yan, Zheng Committed by Ilya Dryomov

ceph: avoid calling ceph_renew_caps() infinitely

__ceph_caps_mds_wanted() ignores caps from stale session. So the
return value of __ceph_caps_mds_wanted() can keep the same across
ceph_renew_caps(). This causes try_get_cap_refs() to keep calling
ceph_renew_caps(). The fix is ignore the session valid check for
the try_get_cap_refs() case. If session is stale, just let the
caps requester sleep.
Signed-off-by: default avatarYan, Zheng <>
parent 00f06cba
......@@ -867,7 +867,7 @@ int __ceph_caps_file_wanted(struct ceph_inode_info *ci)
* Return caps we have registered with the MDS(s) as 'wanted'.
int __ceph_caps_mds_wanted(struct ceph_inode_info *ci)
int __ceph_caps_mds_wanted(struct ceph_inode_info *ci, bool check)
struct ceph_cap *cap;
struct rb_node *p;
......@@ -875,7 +875,7 @@ int __ceph_caps_mds_wanted(struct ceph_inode_info *ci)
for (p = rb_first(&ci->i_caps); p; p = rb_next(p)) {
cap = rb_entry(p, struct ceph_cap, ci_node);
if (!__cap_is_valid(cap))
if (check && !__cap_is_valid(cap))
if (cap == ci->i_auth_cap)
mds_wanted |= cap->mds_wanted;
......@@ -2491,7 +2491,7 @@ static int try_get_cap_refs(struct ceph_inode_info *ci, int need, int want,
ret = 1;
goto out_unlock;
mds_wanted = __ceph_caps_mds_wanted(ci);
mds_wanted = __ceph_caps_mds_wanted(ci, false);
if (need & ~(mds_wanted & need)) {
dout("get_cap_refs %p caps were dropped"
" (session killed?)\n", inode);
......@@ -283,7 +283,7 @@ int ceph_open(struct inode *inode, struct file *file)
if (__ceph_is_any_real_caps(ci) &&
(((fmode & CEPH_FILE_MODE_WR) == 0) || ci->i_auth_cap)) {
int mds_wanted = __ceph_caps_mds_wanted(ci);
int mds_wanted = __ceph_caps_mds_wanted(ci, true);
int issued = __ceph_caps_issued(ci, NULL);
dout("open %p fmode %d want %s issued %s using existing\n",
......@@ -602,7 +602,7 @@ static inline int __ceph_caps_wanted(struct ceph_inode_info *ci)
/* what the mds thinks we want */
extern int __ceph_caps_mds_wanted(struct ceph_inode_info *ci);
extern int __ceph_caps_mds_wanted(struct ceph_inode_info *ci, bool check);
extern void ceph_caps_init(struct ceph_mds_client *mdsc);
extern void ceph_caps_finalize(struct ceph_mds_client *mdsc);
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