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    Merge tag 'pci-v4.12-changes' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/helgaas/pci · 857f8640
    Linus Torvalds authored
    Pull PCI updates from Bjorn Helgaas:
     - add framework for supporting PCIe devices in Endpoint mode (Kishon
       Vijay Abraham I)
     - use non-postable PCI config space mappings when possible (Lorenzo
     - clean up and unify mmap of PCI BARs (David Woodhouse)
     - export and unify Function Level Reset support (Christoph Hellwig)
     - avoid FLR for Intel 82579 NICs (Sasha Neftin)
     - add pci_request_irq() and pci_free_irq() helpers (Christoph Hellwig)
     - short-circuit config access failures for disconnected devices (Keith
     - remove D3 sleep delay when possible (Adrian Hunter)
     - freeze PME scan before suspending devices (Lukas Wunner)
     - stop disabling MSI/MSI-X in pci_device_shutdown() (Prarit Bhargava)
     - disable boot interrupt quirk for ASUS M2N-LR (Stefan Assmann)
     - add arch-specific alignment control to improve device passthrough by
       avoiding multiple BARs in a page (Yongji Xie)
     - add sysfs sriov_drivers_autoprobe to control VF driver binding
       (Bodong Wang)
     - allow slots below PCI-to-PCIe "reverse bridges" (Bjorn Helgaas)
     - fix crashes when unbinding host controllers that don't support
       removal (Brian Norris)
     - add driver for MicroSemi Switchtec management interface (Logan
     - add driver for Faraday Technology FTPCI100 host bridge (Linus
     - add i.MX7D support (Andrey Smirnov)
     - use generic MSI support for Aardvark (Thomas Petazzoni)
     - make Rockchip driver modular (Brian Norris)
     - advertise 128-byte Read Completion Boundary support for Rockchip
       (Shawn Lin)
     - advertise PCI_EXP_LNKSTA_SLC for Rockchip root port (Shawn Lin)
     - convert atomic_t to refcount_t in HV driver (Elena Reshetova)
     - add CPU IRQ affinity in HV driver (K. Y. Srinivasan)
     - fix PCI bus removal in HV driver (Long Li)
     - add support for ThunderX2 DMA alias topology (Jayachandran C)
     - add ThunderX pass2.x 2nd node MCFG quirk (Tomasz Nowicki)
     - add ITE 8893 bridge DMA alias quirk (Jarod Wilson)
     - restrict Cavium ACS quirk only to CN81xx/CN83xx/CN88xx devices
       (Manish Jaggi)
    * tag 'pci-v4.12-changes' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/helgaas/pci: (146 commits)
      PCI: Don't allow unbinding host controllers that aren't prepared
      ARM: DRA7: clockdomain: Change the CLKTRCTRL of CM_PCIE_CLKSTCTRL to SW_WKUP
      MAINTAINERS: Add PCI Endpoint maintainer
      Documentation: PCI: Add userguide for PCI endpoint test function
      tools: PCI: Add sample test script to invoke pcitest
      tools: PCI: Add a userspace tool to test PCI endpoint
      Documentation: misc-devices: Add Documentation for pci-endpoint-test driver
      misc: Add host side PCI driver for PCI test function device
      PCI: Add device IDs for DRA74x and DRA72x
      dt-bindings: PCI: dra7xx: Add DT bindings to enable unaligned access
      PCI: dwc: dra7xx: Workaround for errata id i870
      dt-bindings: PCI: dra7xx: Add DT bindings for PCI dra7xx EP mode
      PCI: dwc: dra7xx: Add EP mode support
      PCI: dwc: dra7xx: Facilitate wrapper and MSI interrupts to be enabled independently
      dt-bindings: PCI: Add DT bindings for PCI designware EP mode
      PCI: dwc: designware: Add EP mode support
      Documentation: PCI: Add binding documentation for pci-test endpoint function
      ixgbe: Use pcie_flr() instead of duplicating it
      IB/hfi1: Use pcie_flr() instead of duplicating it
      PCI: imx6: Fix spelling mistake: "contol" -> "control"
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