Commit 3a5ca230 authored by Antoine Tenart's avatar Antoine Tenart Committed by Herbert Xu

crypto: inside-secure - rework the alg type settings in the context

This patches reworks the way the algorithm type is set in the context,
by using the fact that the decryption algorithms are just a combination
of the algorithm encryption type and CONTEXT_CONTROL_TYPE_NULL_IN.

This will help having simpler code when adding the AEAD support, to
avoid ending up with an endless switch case block.
Signed-off-by: default avatarAntoine Tenart <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarHerbert Xu <>
parent 8ac1283e
......@@ -104,10 +104,13 @@ static int safexcel_context_control(struct safexcel_cipher_ctx *ctx,
struct safexcel_crypto_priv *priv = ctx->priv;
int ctrl_size;
if (sreq->direction == SAFEXCEL_ENCRYPT)
cdesc->control_data.control0 |= CONTEXT_CONTROL_TYPE_CRYPTO_OUT;
cdesc->control_data.control0 |= CONTEXT_CONTROL_TYPE_CRYPTO_IN;
cdesc->control_data.control0 |= CONTEXT_CONTROL_TYPE_CRYPTO_OUT;
/* The decryption control type is a combination of the encryption type
* and CONTEXT_CONTROL_TYPE_NULL_IN, for all types.
if (sreq->direction == SAFEXCEL_DECRYPT)
cdesc->control_data.control0 |= CONTEXT_CONTROL_TYPE_NULL_IN;
cdesc->control_data.control0 |= CONTEXT_CONTROL_KEY_EN;
cdesc->control_data.control1 |= ctx->mode;
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