Commit 3a91e959 authored by Nicolas Pitre's avatar Nicolas Pitre Committed by Jaroslav Kysela

[ALSA] remove bogus match method for ac97_bus

AC97 Codec
The bus_id is initialized with a generic identifier string which is not
really useful for proper driver matching.  Let the driver decide what it
needs via its probe method instead.
Signed-off-by: default avatarNicolas Pitre <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarTakashi Iwai <>
parent 460dc98a
......@@ -17,12 +17,13 @@
#include <linux/string.h>
* Codec families have names seperated by commas, so we search for an
* individual codec name within the family string.
* Let drivers decide whether they want to support given codec from their
* probe method. Drivers have direct access to the ac97_t structure and may
* decide based on the id field amongst other things.
static int ac97_bus_match(struct device *dev, struct device_driver *drv)
return (strstr(dev->bus_id, drv->name) != NULL);
return 1;
static int ac97_bus_suspend(struct device *dev, pm_message_t state)
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