Commit 4b3c7dbb authored by KT Liao's avatar KT Liao Committed by Dmitry Torokhov

Input: elan_i2c - clear INT before resetting controller

Some old touchpad FWs need to have interrupt cleared before issuing reset
command after updating firmware. We clear interrupt by attempting to read
full report from the controller, and discarding any data read.
Signed-off-by: default avatarKT Liao <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarDmitry Torokhov <>
parent 089b50d9
......@@ -557,7 +557,14 @@ static int elan_i2c_finish_fw_update(struct i2c_client *client,
long ret;
int error;
int len;
u8 buffer[ETP_I2C_INF_LENGTH];
u8 buffer[ETP_I2C_REPORT_LEN];
len = i2c_master_recv(client, buffer, ETP_I2C_REPORT_LEN);
if (len != ETP_I2C_REPORT_LEN) {
error = len < 0 ? len : -EIO;
dev_warn(dev, "failed to read I2C data after FW WDT reset: %d (%d)\n",
error, len);
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