Commit 60a01f55 authored by Nicholas Bellinger's avatar Nicholas Bellinger

vhost/scsi: Fix incorrect usage of get_user_pages_fast write parameter

This patch addresses a long-standing bug where the get_user_pages_fast()
write parameter used for setting the underlying page table entry permission
bits was incorrectly set to write=1 for data_direction=DMA_TO_DEVICE, and
passed into get_user_pages_fast() via vhost_scsi_map_iov_to_sgl().

However, this parameter is intended to signal WRITEs to pinned userspace
PTEs for the virtio-scsi DMA_FROM_DEVICE -> READ payload case, and *not*
for the virtio-scsi DMA_TO_DEVICE -> WRITE payload case.

This bug would manifest itself as random process segmentation faults on
KVM host after repeated vhost starts + stops and/or with lots of vhost
endpoints + LUNs.

Cc: Stefan Hajnoczi <>
Cc: Michael S. Tsirkin <>
Cc: Asias He <>
Cc: <> # 3.6+
Signed-off-by: default avatarNicholas Bellinger <>
parent 58932e96
......@@ -1056,7 +1056,7 @@ vhost_scsi_handle_vq(struct vhost_scsi *vs, struct vhost_virtqueue *vq)
if (data_direction != DMA_NONE) {
ret = vhost_scsi_map_iov_to_sgl(cmd,
&vq->iov[data_first], data_num,
data_direction == DMA_TO_DEVICE);
data_direction == DMA_FROM_DEVICE);
if (unlikely(ret)) {
vq_err(vq, "Failed to map iov to sgl\n");
goto err_free;
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