Commit 7d6e1f54 authored by Sha Zhengju's avatar Sha Zhengju Committed by Sage Weil

ceph: use vfs __set_page_dirty_nobuffers interface instead of doing it inside filesystem

Following we will begin to add memcg dirty page accounting around
__set_page_dirty_{buffers,nobuffers} in vfs layer, so we'd better use vfs interface to
avoid exporting those details to filesystems.

Since vfs set_page_dirty() should be called under page lock, here we don't need elaborate
codes to handle racy anymore, and two WARN_ON() are added to detect such exceptions.
Thanks very much for Sage and Yan Zheng's coaching!

I tested it in a two server's ceph environment that one is client and the other is
mds/osd/mon, and run the following fsx test from xfstests:

  ./fsx   1MB -N 50000 -p 10000 -l 1048576
  ./fsx  10MB -N 50000 -p 10000 -l 10485760
  ./fsx 100MB -N 50000 -p 10000 -l 104857600

The fsx does lots of mmap-read/mmap-write/truncate operations and the tests completed
successfully without triggering any of WARN_ON.
Signed-off-by: default avatarSha Zhengju <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarSage Weil <>
parent ee7289bf
......@@ -70,15 +70,16 @@ static int ceph_set_page_dirty(struct page *page)
struct address_space *mapping = page->mapping;
struct inode *inode;
struct ceph_inode_info *ci;
int undo = 0;
struct ceph_snap_context *snapc;
int ret;
if (unlikely(!mapping))
return !TestSetPageDirty(page);
if (TestSetPageDirty(page)) {
if (PageDirty(page)) {
dout("%p set_page_dirty %p idx %lu -- already dirty\n",
mapping->host, page, page->index);
return 0;
......@@ -107,35 +108,19 @@ static int ceph_set_page_dirty(struct page *page)
snapc, snapc->seq, snapc->num_snaps);
/* now adjust page */
if (page->mapping) { /* Race with truncate? */
account_page_dirtied(page, page->mapping);
page_index(page), PAGECACHE_TAG_DIRTY);
* Reference snap context in page->private. Also set
* PagePrivate so that we get invalidatepage callback.
page->private = (unsigned long)snapc;
} else {
dout("ANON set_page_dirty %p (raced truncate?)\n", page);
undo = 1;
if (undo)
/* whoops, we failed to dirty the page */
ceph_put_wrbuffer_cap_refs(ci, 1, snapc);
* Reference snap context in page->private. Also set
* PagePrivate so that we get invalidatepage callback.
page->private = (unsigned long)snapc;
__mark_inode_dirty(mapping->host, I_DIRTY_PAGES);
ret = __set_page_dirty_nobuffers(page);
return 1;
return ret;
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