Commit ad15ec06 authored by Yan, Zheng's avatar Yan, Zheng Committed by Ilya Dryomov

ceph: handle interrupted ceph_writepage()

writepage() can be interrupted when it's called by direct memory
reclaimer (the direct memory relaimer is killed). To avoid lossing
data, we redirty the page.
Signed-off-by: default avatarYan, Zheng <>
parent a78bbd4b
......@@ -544,11 +544,21 @@ static int writepage_nounlock(struct page *page, struct writeback_control *wbc)
truncate_seq, truncate_size,
&inode->i_mtime, &page, 1);
if (err < 0) {
dout("writepage setting page/mapping error %d %p\n", err, page);
struct writeback_control tmp_wbc;
if (!wbc)
wbc = &tmp_wbc;
if (err == -ERESTARTSYS) {
/* killed by SIGKILL */
dout("writepage interrupted page %p\n", page);
redirty_page_for_writepage(wbc, page);
goto out;
dout("writepage setting page/mapping error %d %p\n",
err, page);
mapping_set_error(&inode->i_data, err);
if (wbc)
} else {
dout("writepage cleaned page %p\n", page);
err = 0; /* vfs expects us to return 0 */
......@@ -569,12 +579,16 @@ static int ceph_writepage(struct page *page, struct writeback_control *wbc)
err = writepage_nounlock(page, wbc);
if (err == -ERESTARTSYS) {
/* direct memory reclaimer was killed by SIGKILL. return 0
* to prevent caller from setting mapping/page error */
err = 0;
return err;
* lame release_pages helper. release_pages() isn't exported to
* modules.
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