Commit ad4e38dd authored by Curt Wohlgemuth's avatar Curt Wohlgemuth Committed by Wu Fengguang

writeback: send work item to queue_io, move_expired_inodes

Instead of sending ->older_than_this to queue_io() and
move_expired_inodes(), send the entire wb_writeback_work
structure.  There are other fields of a work item that are
useful in these routines and in tracepoints.
Acked-by: default avatarJan Kara <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarCurt Wohlgemuth <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarWu Fengguang <>
parent ece13ac3
......@@ -251,7 +251,7 @@ static bool inode_dirtied_after(struct inode *inode, unsigned long t)
static int move_expired_inodes(struct list_head *delaying_queue,
struct list_head *dispatch_queue,
unsigned long *older_than_this)
struct wb_writeback_work *work)
struct list_head *pos, *node;
......@@ -262,8 +262,8 @@ static int move_expired_inodes(struct list_head *delaying_queue,
while (!list_empty(delaying_queue)) {
inode = wb_inode(delaying_queue->prev);
if (older_than_this &&
inode_dirtied_after(inode, *older_than_this))
if (work->older_than_this &&
inode_dirtied_after(inode, *work->older_than_this))
if (sb && sb != inode->i_sb)
do_sb_sort = 1;
......@@ -302,13 +302,13 @@ static int move_expired_inodes(struct list_head *delaying_queue,
* |
* +--> dequeue for IO
static void queue_io(struct bdi_writeback *wb, unsigned long *older_than_this)
static void queue_io(struct bdi_writeback *wb, struct wb_writeback_work *work)
int moved;
list_splice_init(&wb->b_more_io, &wb->b_io);
moved = move_expired_inodes(&wb->b_dirty, &wb->b_io, older_than_this);
trace_writeback_queue_io(wb, older_than_this, moved);
moved = move_expired_inodes(&wb->b_dirty, &wb->b_io, work);
trace_writeback_queue_io(wb, work, moved);
static int write_inode(struct inode *inode, struct writeback_control *wbc)
......@@ -651,7 +651,7 @@ long writeback_inodes_wb(struct bdi_writeback *wb, long nr_pages)
if (list_empty(&wb->b_io))
queue_io(wb, NULL);
queue_io(wb, &work);
__writeback_inodes_wb(wb, &work);
......@@ -745,7 +745,7 @@ static long wb_writeback(struct bdi_writeback *wb,
trace_writeback_start(wb->bdi, work);
if (list_empty(&wb->b_io))
queue_io(wb, work->older_than_this);
queue_io(wb, work);
if (work->sb)
progress = writeback_sb_inodes(work->sb, wb, work);
......@@ -157,9 +157,9 @@ DEFINE_WBC_EVENT(wbc_writepage);
TP_PROTO(struct bdi_writeback *wb,
unsigned long *older_than_this,
struct wb_writeback_work *work,
int moved),
TP_ARGS(wb, older_than_this, moved),
TP_ARGS(wb, work, moved),
__array(char, name, 32)
__field(unsigned long, older)
......@@ -167,6 +167,7 @@ TRACE_EVENT(writeback_queue_io,
__field(int, moved)
unsigned long *older_than_this = work->older_than_this;
strncpy(__entry->name, dev_name(wb->bdi->dev), 32);
__entry->older = older_than_this ? *older_than_this : 0;
__entry->age = older_than_this ?
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