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ALSA: hda - Update documentation

Update the URLs for and hda-emu.  Also drop the
alsa-driver snapshot URL since it's been discontinued recently.
Signed-off-by: default avatarTakashi Iwai <>
parent 4f29efc0
......@@ -655,17 +655,6 @@ development branches in general while the development for the current
and next kernels are found in for-linus and for-next branches,
If you are using the latest Linus tree, it'd be better to pull the
above GIT tree onto it. If you are using the older kernels, an easy
way to try the latest ALSA code is to build from the snapshot
tarball. There are daily tarballs and the latest snapshot tarball.
All can be built just like normal alsa-driver release packages, that
is, installed via the usual spells: configure, make and make
install(-modules). See INSTALL in the package. The snapshot tarballs
are found at:
Sending a Bug Report
......@@ -699,7 +688,12 @@ problems.
The script `` is a very useful tool to gather the audio
device information. You can fetch the latest version from:
device information. It's included in alsa-utils package. The latest
version can be found on git repository:
- git://
The script can be fetched directly from the following URL, too:
......@@ -836,15 +830,11 @@ can get a proc-file dump at the current state, get a list of control
(mixer) elements, set/get the control element value, simulate the PCM
operation, the jack plugging simulation, etc.
The package is found in:
A git repository is available:
The program is found in the git repository below:
- git://
See README file in the tarball for more details about hda-emu
See README file in the repository for more details about hda-emu
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