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      crypto: GnuPG based MPI lib - additional sources (part 4) · 7e8dec91
      Dmitry Kasatkin authored
      Adds the multi-precision-integer maths library which was originally taken
      from GnuPG and ported to the kernel by (among others) David Howells.
      This version is taken from Fedora kernel 2.6.32-71.14.1.el6.
      The difference is that checkpatch reported errors and warnings have been fixed.
      This library is used to implemenet RSA digital signature verification
      used in IMA/EVM integrity protection subsystem.
      Due to patch size limitation, the patch is divided into 4 parts.
      This code is unnecessary for RSA digital signature verification,
      but for completeness it is included here and can be compiled,
      if CONFIG_MPILIB_EXTRA is enabled.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarDmitry Kasatkin <dmitry.kasatkin@intel.com>