1. 19 Jul, 2018 2 commits
  2. 18 Jul, 2018 5 commits
  3. 17 Jul, 2018 1 commit
  4. 16 Jul, 2018 4 commits
    • Silvano di Ninno's avatar
      Revert "MLK-18502: board:imx8mm_evk enable tzasc" · 1e8b9b31
      Silvano di Ninno authored
      with tzasc enabled, the GPU is generating AXI bus errors.
          currently reverting the patch while debuging
      This reverts commit 225f888b
      Signed-off-by: default avatarSilvano di Ninno <silvano.dininno@nxp.com>
    • zhang sanshan's avatar
      MA-12196 [Android] system can't enter recovery mode in android auto · acb99f66
      zhang sanshan authored
      CONFIG_CMD_RUN is set to n which do not suppert "run".
      use getenv to pass boot cmd to bootcmd
      Change-Id: I3866786758b8dd16b2685ec157e8322daa304374
      Signed-off-by: default avatarzhang sanshan <sanshan.zhang@nxp.com>
    • Luo Ji's avatar
      MA-12197 [Android] Unlock device after valid GPT is flashed · 2c5e14c8
      Luo Ji authored
      Unlocked device maybe locked when gpt overlay changed, unlock the device
      after valid gpt is flashed, erase the userdata to ensure safety.
      Test: device unlocked after valid gpt flashed.
      Change-Id: I7b0306606c632b7dc5668ea1ff8aad63428f278f
      Signed-off-by: default avatarLuo Ji <ji.luo@nxp.com>
    • Ye Li's avatar
      MLK-18897 imx8qm/qxp: Fix build warning in fuse driver · 8c9f2dbf
      Ye Li authored
      Get such warning below in fuse driver, due to a u32 pointer is converted to ulong then
      passed as ulong pointer.
      This is dangerous when assigning value to the memory where ulong pointer points to.
      So use a intermediate variable to hand over value. Also fix the indenting issue in this patch.
      arch/arm/cpu/armv8/imx8/fuse.c: In function ‘fuse_sense’:
      arch/arm/cpu/armv8/imx8/fuse.c:33:25: warning: passing argument 3 of ‘call_imx_sip_ret2’
      makes pointer from integer without a cast [-Wint-conversion]
                               (unsigned long)val, 0, 0);
      In file included from ./arch/arm/include/asm/arch/sys_proto.h:7:0,
                       from arch/arm/cpu/armv8/imx8/fuse.c:13:
      ./arch/arm/include/asm/imx-common/sys_proto.h:94:15: note: expected ‘long unsigned int *’
      but argument is of type ‘long unsigned int’
       unsigned long call_imx_sip_ret2(unsigned long id, unsigned long reg0, unsigned long *reg1,
           unsigned long reg2, unsigned long reg3);
      Signed-off-by: default avatarYe Li <ye.li@nxp.com>
  5. 13 Jul, 2018 2 commits
    • Luo Ji's avatar
      MA-12160 Check the request status in dequeue for cdns3 driver · 2dd1badb
      Luo Ji authored
      "fastboot reboot bootloader" fails to transmit "OKAY" back to host on
      imx8qm because fastboot_tx_write_str() will dequeue the IN request
      first before queue it, cdns3 usb driver will always invoke the complete
      callback in dequeue, so if we are going to do_reset() in the complete
      callback, the device will reboot before we can transmit "OKAY" back to
      host in queue.
      Check the request status in dequeue first before invoke the complete
      callback, this is basically ported from kernel.
      Test: No error messages when run "fastboot reboot bootloader" on
      Change-Id: I085df3bd0f37480b8636585cc1068d5fcae331c1
      Signed-off-by: default avatarLuo Ji <ji.luo@nxp.com>
    • Frank Li's avatar
      MLK-18862 imx8mm uuu can write emmc by fastboot · db9a6349
      Frank Li authored
      uuu can write sd card image to emmc
      Signed-off-by: default avatarFrank Li <Frank.Li@nxp.com>
  6. 12 Jul, 2018 1 commit
    • Ye Li's avatar
      MLK-18823 mx6ul/mx6ull: Add workaround for LCDIF display when optee enabled · 85be73bb
      Ye Li authored
      In optee enabled defconfig, the trust zone is enabled in DCD. On iMX6UL/ULL, there
      is IC limitation that LCDIF master access can only be non-secure, because PL301
      hard code the m_3/4/5 to non-secure masters. It causes LCDIF fails to fetch data
      from memory.
      This patch adds a workaround to change trust zone Region 0 attribute to allow both secure
      and non-secure read/write. So it permits the LCDIF master access to memory.
      Since optee will configure Region 0 by itself, this should not introduce problem to optee.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarYe Li <ye.li@nxp.com>
  7. 11 Jul, 2018 2 commits
  8. 09 Jul, 2018 2 commits
    • Peng Fan's avatar
      MLK-18793 imx8mq: config: add jailhouse env · 0d33db00
      Peng Fan authored
      Add jailhouse env. Currently need to pass clk_ignore_unused to bootargs
      to avoid linux root cell shutdown clocks used by inmates.
      If only want a minimal clk being on in inmates, the clks could
      be added in clk_inits_on in linux kernel drivers/clk/imx/clk-imx8mq.c
      Signed-off-by: default avatarPeng Fan <peng.fan@nxp.com>
    • Luo Ji's avatar
      MA-12163 [Android] Fix imx8mm build error · c990e96a
      Luo Ji authored
      CONFIG_USB_GADGET was removed in imx8mm_evk.h, add it to
      imx8mm_evk_android_defconfig. Also add CONFIG_SDP_LOADADDR
      to support uuu.
      Change-Id: Ie8b50b2acadb2779024c7ac7fd0ead65d7189476
      Signed-off-by: default avatarLuo Ji <ji.luo@nxp.com>
  9. 06 Jul, 2018 10 commits
  10. 04 Jul, 2018 11 commits
    • Luo Ji's avatar
      MA-12124 [Android] Fix build warnings for u-boot · e93d389b
      Luo Ji authored
      Fix build warnings in u-boot.
      Change-Id: I1944657d2d89a03c0d2303a22a09538dfaa5fd2c
      Signed-off-by: default avatarLuo Ji <ji.luo@nxp.com>
    • Luo Ji's avatar
      MA-12123 [Android] Enable load fdt from partition for Android Things · 8f049e69
      Luo Ji authored
      Android Things has supported load fdt from "oem_bootloader" partition,
      open related configs.
      Change-Id: I82476d71abd9cbeab60b4d2b5fbb402e37c0916b
      Signed-off-by: default avatarLuo Ji <ji.luo@nxp.com>
    • Luo Ji's avatar
      MA-12121 [Android] Copy dtb from bootimage for Android · 8e49a5a4
      Luo Ji authored
      Android Things will load dtb from a single partition like
      "oem_bootloader" and we are going to sync normal Android
      with Android Things. But just keep loading dtb from bootimage
      before everything is ready.
      Change-Id: I205528b1485d3e8e9961f19812f380a2b11b991b
      Signed-off-by: default avatarLuo Ji <ji.luo@nxp.com>
    • Luo Ji's avatar
      MA-12120 [Android] Enlarge buffer size for partition name · 7e582367
      Luo Ji authored
      Some partition name can be larger than 16 bytes like
      "factory_bootloader", enlage the buffer size to 20 bytes.
      Change-Id: I266c4e0af02e0ac1d758334aafcd6ed41d072dba
      Signed-off-by: default avatarLuo Ji <ji.luo@nxp.com>
    • Luo Ji's avatar
      [iot] Add fastboot variable 'baseboard_id' for imx8m · 918268c5
      Luo Ji authored
      We have different baseboard for same imx8m SoM, add
      fastboot variable 'baseboard_id' to distinguish different
      Test: "fastboot getvar baseboard_id" shows "0x0" for imx8m_wibo
            board and shows "0x40" for imx8m_enterprise board.
      Change-Id: Iec24aa52ae5de546594dd3ce602efb6dcaa60660
      Signed-off-by: default avatarLuo Ji <ji.luo@nxp.com>
    • Luo Ji's avatar
      [iot] Fix 'calc_sha256' not defined error · 731b0657
      Luo Ji authored
      'calc_sha256' should only be valid when CONFIG_IMX_TRUSTY_OS
      is defined. Error message is like below:
        error: label 'calc_sha256' defined but not used
      Test: build pass with or without CONFIG_IMX_TRUSTY_OS enabled.
      Change-Id: I0938e641596cb9faccd0c64f7c03d526dab3b7d4
      Signed-off-by: default avatarLuo Ji <ji.luo@nxp.com>
      Reviewed-on: http://androidsource.ap.freescale.net/project/4932
      Reviewed-by: default avatarWang Haoran <elven.wang@nxp.com>
    • Luo Ji's avatar
      [iot] Enter fastboot if get fatal errors in AVB · 30d075ee
      Luo Ji authored
      Make the board enter fastboot mode if we get fatal
      errors in AVB. We may fall into infinite boot loop
      if panic or reboot the board when fatal errors happen
      in AVB.
      Bug: 109842106
      Test: Build & boot ok for imx8m and imx7d.
      Change-Id: I13cdbc1fc0077f8d710c706dae639f004492546b
      Signed-off-by: default avatarLuo Ji <ji.luo@nxp.com>
    • Haoran.Wang's avatar
      [iot] Use hard code key if no perm attr fused · e4061bb7
      Haoran.Wang authored
      For the device under development, the perm attr
      not fused will break unlock ATX/AVB process and
      make dm-verity parameters not output for kernel.
      Use hard code one if Trusty OS didn't get the
      perm attr.
      Test: Verify kernel command line contains avb information.
      Change-Id: Idd55dde79eed793dccdd7319600fbd04e11ca12d
      Signed-off-by: default avatarHaoran.Wang <elven.wang@nxp.com>
    • Braden Kell's avatar
      [iot] Move i2c_setup calls to board_init · dc8239ed
      Braden Kell authored
      i2c_setup calls force_idle_bus which calls
      get_timer if SDA and SCL are not high. On the Pico
      baseboard there are level shifters that pull SDA
      and SCL high, but the test harness does not have
      pull-ups on these lines. Because
      board_early_init_f is called before timer_init the
      call to get_timer was causing a divide-by-zero
      error due to CNTFRQ not being initialized. Moving
      the i2c_setup calls to board_init fixes this
      issue. power_init_board (which uses I2C to
      configure the PMIC) is called after board_init, so
      this should be safe.
      Test: PMIC registers are read correctly on both
            boards (DEV_ID=0x30 REV_ID=0x11)
      Test: iMX7D SOM boots on Pico baseboard
      Test: iMX7D SOM boots on test harness
      Change-Id: Iecdd28f3177fe915a3b614565d8dfa6e20e6a842
    • Braden Kell's avatar
      [iot] Re-enable boot delay in iMX7D bootloader config · 16be86df
      Braden Kell authored
      http://ag/3824663 changed the config file used for
      building for the iMX7D bootloader, so change
      CONFIG_BOOTDELAY there as well.
      Bug: 79093530
      Test: iMX7D U-Boot has CONFIG_BOOTDELAY=3
      Change-Id: Iaa967095cd6dd9e3b07f730c90c99a64581ae740
    • Yu Shan's avatar
      [iot] Minor format fix. · 03f6d212
      Yu Shan authored
      Test: None
      Bug: None
      Change-Id: I2c899e42d8b2911ed96df535c4864d1316d66383